Liweau is a petite slow fashion brand that empowers petites to look and feel amazing from desk-to-dinner.

Hi, I’m Jessica! The little woman behind the brand. 

One day, after ordering dozens of clothes online and having to return everything because none of it fitted, I was fed up with how few options we have and took matters into my own hands. Next to my daytime job and with no background in fashion, I started my journey.  

Liweau is here for petite women that are tired of fast fashion and don’t want to wear boring basics. These are basically the options we have, but not any longer. We’re here for the 20 to 30-somethings that navigate life and careers, that want to buy fashion with a clear conscience, and don’t mind to pay extra for high quality investment pieces.  

Being petite can make you feel underestimated or undervalued, especially as a working professional. That’s why Liweau’s vision is: clothes that petites can wear to work but to events as well, so called desk-to-dinner items. Got a presentation at work and need to go to a fancy dinner afterwards? Liweau’s got your back. 


Slow fashion

Liweau is a slow fashion brand, which means that we:

  • Produce in small batches to prevent waste;
  • Produce locally in the Netherlands with a social studio that gives refugees a chance to work, have solid training and at the same time learn Dutch; 
  • Purchase supplies and fabrics locally to reduce C02 emissions;
  • Have sustainable packaging;
  • Focus on quality for long-term use;
  • Keep people and planet in mind every step of the way.