Elevate Your Style: Three Petite-Friendly Trends to Embrace

When it comes to fashion, petites have a unique set of challenges and opportunities. Embracing trends that complement your stature can make all the difference in feeling confident and stylish. In this blog post, we’ll explore three petite-friendly trends: matching sets, maxi skirts, and belted jumpsuits. These trends not only enhance your overall look but also help create the illusion of height, making you feel like a fashion dynamo, no matter your height.

  1. Matching sets

Matching sets, also known as co-ords, are a petite woman’s secret weapon. These perfectly coordinated outfits create a seamless, uninterrupted line from head to toe, which can make you appear taller and more put-together. Whether it’s a matching blazer and shorts, a crop top and skirt set, or a pantsuit duo, matching sets can give the illusion of longer legs and a more balanced silhouette. With matching sets you can show your midriff which helps break up the pattern and fabric, so it doesn’t overwhelm your frame.

Vanessa Hudgens (155cm / 5’1) rocks her matching sets with fun polkadots and prints.  👯‍♀️

Petite Vanessa Hudgens wearing a co-ord
  1. Belted jumpsuits

Let’s be honest, as a petite it’s hard to find jumpsuits that fit. Jumpsuits with a cinched waist look super flattering, especially when you use the rule of thirds. Meaning that you divide your body in thirds, for example with a high waist jumpsuit. Kourtney Kardashian (155cm / 5’0) shows you how to do it.  💪🏻

Petite Kourtnet Kardashion wearing a belted jumpsuit
  1. Maxi skirts

Contrary to what you might think, maxi skirts are not off-limits for petites. In fact, they can be incredibly flattering when styled correctly. Maxi skirts that are high-waisted and fitted at the top, then flow down with a gentle flare, create a vertical line that adds height and elongates your silhouette.

Styling Tips:

  • Opt for maxi skirts with high slits to show a little leg and break up the length.
  • Pair your maxi skirt with a tucked-in top to define your waist.
  • You can style it with a monochromatic look like the Olsen twins (157cm / 5’2) 💃🏻
Petite Olsen twins wearing maxi skirt

So, are you going to try one of these trends? 🥰

This post was inspired by @ginaalilbits article for WhoWhatWear.

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